Integrated Marketing Communications Week 1

Week one of the post-graduate Integrated Marketing Communications program is now history and students are learning that the college classroom is very different from their university experience.  Applied learning means just that – teachers deliver some content and then students are asked to apply it immediately.  So first week already involved participation exercises in-class and homework assignments. There’s an emphasis on self-directed learning in this post-graduate course and students are expected to explore, learn and return to class with information that will enhance their educational experience and that of their peers.


As the week unfolded students began to see that all the classes are truly integrated and inter-dependant! One of the core aims of the program is to empower students with an holistic perspective of IMC.


The Marketing and Communications mindset requires an outward looking perspective, to view the world with curiosity and to apply creative thinking. So in the Strategic Planning, Branding, and Consumer Research classes, students were exposed to the challenge of looking at products and services through ‘new’ eyes that took them beyond their own demographic. They began to see that what consumers take for granted when making purchasing decisions, is in reality the end result of careful planning and execution on the part of marketers, to ensure that products and services fulfill the needs and expectations of their intended target market. 


The focus in Corporate Communications was on how to develop a writing plan that will ensure the messages they write – whether that’s email, brochure copy, a tweet, or a full-blown proposal – remain focused on the reader.   The students begin the course by reviewing the basics of corporate communication – emails, memos, letters, and informal proposals.  They will present what they have learned in class next week.


The week ended with the class examining a definition of Public Relations and how it fits within an integrated marketing communications plan.  A solid public relations program provides an excellent foundation for advertising and promotional campaigns in an integrated communications plan.




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