Site visit to plan for Social Media Summit

Today the co-ordinator of the IMC program, Kim Denstedt,  met with Broadcast Television student Braeden Johnson to discuss requirements to livestream the Social Media Communications Summit Conestoga College is planning for Oct. 11.  

The Broadcast Television students will ensure the event is livestreamed so that our business partners throughout Waterloo Region can access the event through their own computer screens in their offices. They will even be able to tweet questions to the presenters through #socialmediaSOMAD.

(SOMAD stands for the School of Media and Design)

While the Broadcast Television students will form the crew that will handle the livestreaming, students in the Advertising Program are designing a poster that will be distributed to local business to help promote the event and the livestream link. 

This event, which will include very knowledgeable speakers about how social media is being used by business, provides an opportunity for students in various School of Media and Design (SOMAD) program areas to practice the skills they are learning in class.

Speakers will address how social media tools are used in marketing, advertising, and public relations.  A guest panel will discuss current issues, topics and trends in this new and constantly changing area of business.

The event was designed for students in the Advertising, Public Relations, and Integrated Marketing Communications program areas. These students prepare plans for clients, as part of classroom assignments and while on practicum placements in the community.  They need to know how to effectively integrate the use of social media as a business tool in these plans.

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