Oct. 11 Social Media Summit

The date is fast approaching for our Social Media Communications Summit where we will examine how social media is being used in advertising, integrated marketing communications, and public relations.

This School of Media and Design (SOMAD) event will be available to audiences outside the college via a livestreamed link at http://www.somad.ca/socialmediasummit  between 2 and 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 11.

Questions for the speakers can be sent via twitter to #socialmediaSOMAD.

Advertising program students have created a poster that will be mailed as well as sent electronically in pdf format to area businesses and organizations that support our students with co-op and practicum experiences. Past graduates of the advertising, integrated marketing communications, and public relations programs will also be contacted.

Second year Broadcast Television students are managing the livestream link for this event. Assistance for promotional activities was provided by a student in the Business – Executive Administration program.

Our featured speakers:

Shaminda Attygalle, Digital Engagement Specialist at Christie Digital, and host of the podcast, The Digital Marketing Lounge.

Jennifer Moss, founder of Spark Plug Consulting and “Silicon Valley” consultant in public relations.

Sourov De, Managing Partner of Stryve Group and founder of the popular LinkedIn group, Social Media Marketing Canada.

Our speakers will also join a panel discussion that will include:

Rebekah Wiesel who implemented a social media plan at Habitat for Humanity.

Nicole Hamilton of Festival and Events Ontario.

Kristine Lougus, the Online Editor at the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) in Waterloo.

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