Working with creative teams

The Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) students at Conestoga College heard last week from guest speakers who work in the creative field about how to work with them to get the best possible solution for the client.   As part of the student’s corporate communications class, they must learn how to convey information and ideas to the creative team in the implementation of tactics – the tools that will convey the messages – which could be advertisements, brochures, videos, newsletters, webpages, etc.

Andria Lynett has spent more of her life working on film sets and now video sets for commercials and movies as a script supervisor. She has worked with many of Canada’s top directors such as David Cronenberg and Bruce Macdonald. She has also worked with many stars such as Justin Timberlake, Tim McGraw, and BB King to name a few. She now lives in St. Catharines where she runs a small video company where she shoots, edits, writes and composes music for DVDs and video clients. Her message to the students: first determine if your message needs motion and sound and whether it is right your your target before deciding if video is the solution.  Her ‘life’ advice: don’t wait for someone to give you a job – get networking, get creative, get out there!

The students are learning that they will rely on the creative team when they want to produce these corporate materials.

Whether it’s a videographer, a graphic designer, or a photographer they will be working with, the students learned that communication is key.  Write down everything that is agreed upon and be sure that everyone has a clear understanding of the goals of the project.  A creative brief is an essential tool.

Mat Miller taught graphic design for 25 years to senior students at Conestoga College and for over a decade Coordinated the program. He worked in Toronto for over 10 years as a Graphic Designer, Art Director and a Studio Manager for agencies, studios and large corporations. He retired from Conestoga 3 years ago and has volunteered both as a board member and a design consultant with charities in the Waterloo Region.
He is an Executive in Residence with Capacity Waterloo Region. He directed the students to numerous sources for tips on good design.
Behind Mat is Mathew McCarthy who talked to the students about being a photojournalist with the Waterloo Region Record since 1997. He has covered a variety of local and international assignments during his career including the Vancouver Winter Olympics and several trips to Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo. He produces daily coverage of the region for The Record and Grand Magazine and multimedia work for  He suggested how students can source the best photographers for the job they need done.

The students heard from Andria Lynett, a videographer; Matt Miller, a graphic designer; and Mathew McCarthy, a photographer.

Over the coming weeks, the students will be assessing corporate materials from various organizations and will be presenting their analyses to the class.
The photos accompanying this post were taken by Valerie Tyshchenko, IMC 2012-2013 student.

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