Calculated Controversy and the Use of Analytics

Guest post – Dawn Gollan, IMC 2012-2013 Student

What a great presentation in Friday’s Public Relations class from Dash Internet Group on calculated controversy and the use of analytics as measurement tools.

I was first introduced to Google Analytics during a demonstration with a prospective employer. Now that I am working with them I intend to research and become more familiar with the different technology platforms they use. The information given was exactly what I needed to learn. They offered practical explanations and examples on the use of analytic tools and technology in our IMC program, in the workplace, and how to leverage this information in interviews to have a ‘leg up’ on the competition.

The presenters stressed the importance of not only using the tools to find out information but also to apply it to turn data into intelligence. Kelly Craft stated and reinforced, “Mindless measurement without analysis is worth nothing!” We are encouraged to always ask the question ‘why’ to find information to support our analysis, and to present to our clients. Co-presenter Carla Bowes said her favroutie phrase is ‘so what?’ This kind of ‘digging deeper’ will help us reach our target market and support our theories while building a reputation as somebody that really ‘knows their stuff’ in our industry.

I have attached a link for Google Analytics. There you will be able to learn about and get started with Google Analytics. We can use this tool to measure Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Branding, and Corporate Communications objectives in our IMC program.

I found the presentation, and the practical use of the example of the Oreo Pride picture from their 100 year celebration campaign on Facebook thought-provoking.

More information on Google Analytics is available at

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