Conversation Analysis

I just wanted to leave you with something that maybe you could use in the future if you’re going to venture into social media advertising.When you use social media as a strategy, you have to develop your conversation strategy. Many clients and even advertising agencies don’t know how to do this and because most of the social media sites have built-in functions, many also think they don’t have to get involved in the process.

But we have to think different.

Set priorities and determine a compatible conversation strategy that avoids excess promotion and instead creates a not-too-intrusive balance of the following:
– questions that will stimulate reaction
– content (video, images, entertainment) that will be both useful and welcome
– offers or incentives that can be tracked.Kevin Colleran, Facebook’s sixth employee and one of the company’s business development leaders, says that

Targeting + Creative + Conversation strategy = the most effective social media marketing

This is easily understood by brand managers but less so by agencies that continue to work in silos.

It turns out that traditional ad agencies or media-only agencies are often clueless when it comes to conversation strategy. PR agencies have a little idea about how to maximize a creative message. But neither one may understand best how to apply CRM (customer relationship management) tactics to measure acquisition and retention and develop social life cycle strategies. It takes all of this working together to be effective.


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