Tour at Cober Evolving Solutions

The IMC class learns how to develop integrated marketing communications plans which include recommendations for how a business or organization communicates to its target markets and publics.  These are the suggested tactics of the plan.

Despite the digital world in which we live, those recommended tactics very often, and for very good reason, include print communication materials.

Thus, a tour at a printers was arranged.
Although they learned that Cober can also help with digital and online communications, the students also learned about:

  • selecting paper stock,
  • the impact of colour choices,
  • the value of specialty coatings and die cuts, and
  • what kind of information a printer needs before he or she can suggest how the printing process can contribute to the overall message that the material is trying to deliver.

Watch this short clip of the tour at Cober. Many thanks again to Todd and his father Peter for being so accommodating and for contributing to the students’ educational experience.

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