Event Management

In second semester IMC students study event management and project management and with the lessons learned in these two courses, they will plan and implement two major events.

This year, the class has been divided into six teams; three will pitch ideas for a graduation gala that everyone in the class will enjoy at the end of the year and three will pitch ideas for an event to be held the first weekend in April at Fairview Park Mall.  The winners of these pitches will then take the lead in implementing their ideas, with assistance from everyone else in class.

This week in event class, the students were treated to two presentations to help them prepare their pitches.

Kate Vanderlugt, owner of The Little White Dress in Kitchener spoke to the class about the planning she does for brides and grooms – and how she helps them create memorable events.


Kate Vanderlugt presents to the event management class.

Kate’s primary message was to keep a comprehensive itinerary where everything and every step is listed. “Even the recipe for the signature drink – anything that someone else might forget… it’s on the list.”

She advised the students to monitor trends to see what is popular (this year the pantone colour of choice is emerald, for instance) and to develop a vision. “The theme or concept should start from the moment the invitation is opened, and then you carry that theme or concept throughout. Put on the guests’ shoes. Little things (even items in the washrooms) can make a big impact.”

Leah Landriault and Terry Grant from Fairview Park Mall then presented information about the event they want the students to create and implement April 5, 6, and 7.

Leah and Terry (centre) talk to IMC students Kathleen MacDonald (left) and Danielle Cudmore

Leah and Terry (centre) talk to IMC students Kathleen MacDonald (left) and Danielle Cudmore

Green at Work is a head office initiative at Cadillac Fairview where the goal is to establish the company in an environmental leadership position.  The program has 5 areas of focus: energy reduction, waste management, environmental protection, sustainable procurement and communication.

Leah outlined the task for the students – to create an interactive event that will attract shoppers to the mall, that will keep people moving, that is professional in its look and feel and which achieves recognition for the Green at Work initiative, raises funds for a green charity, and which enhances the reputation of the IMC program at Conestoga College.

The teams will pitch their ideas (the assignment was developed like an RFP and teams were created by the random selection of names in a draw) early in February.

Students will also use the graphic design course they take in second semester to brand any materials required for these events.

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