Green at Work Weekend a Success

The Integrated Marketing Communications class held a successful event at Fairview Park Mall on the weekend, raising awareness of Cadillac Fairview’s environmental program and of the Conestoga College program. In the process, they raised $316.00 for Sustainable Waterloo Region.

Some memories from the weekend –


A member of the lead team, Danielle Cudmore is host at the “Are you Smarter than a Conestoga Student” game at Fairview Park Mall April 6 and 7.


IMC studnets at their Green at Work Weekend event, Kathleen Macdonald, project leader; Chelsea Benedetti; Taylor Rutherford; Samantha Fox; and Danielle Cudmore.


IMC students at work: Carolyn Tomkins, Nick Shorey, Jenny Caheunas, Jenny Golling, Kathleen Macdonald, Alejandro Hernandez, Nicole Renfer, and Dawn Gollen.


Abimbola (Bim) Akintade operates the technology behind the game, “Are You Smarter than a Conestoga Student?”


Andrew Henderson hosts the feature game, “Are you smarter than a Conestoga student” at the Green at Work Weekend event at Fairview Park Mall, April 6 and 7.


Kathleen Macdonald holds the bin of contest entries in the Green at Work Weekend event and Leah Landriault, Marketing Manager from Fairview Park Mall, draws the name for the winner of a Blackberry phone. Donations to enter the contest were collected or Sustainable Waterloo Region, a not-for-profit that supports local ‘green’ initiatives.


Be a tree – students from the IMC program implemented the Green at Work Weekend event April 6 and 7 at Fairview Park Mall. The ‘leaves’ on the tree behind the students each contained the name of shoppers who gave $2 to play “Are you Smarter than a Conestoga Student”, or “Minute to Win It” – these names were entered into a draw to win a Blackberry.

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