IMC Mondays

A professional development series this year is exposing students in the IMC program to a variety of topics and speakers, many from the business community.

Most recently, James Howe from Communicate and Howe, walked the students through a campaign he helped to create for Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region. The campaign, Is your Prince Charming turning into a Prince Harming? was designed to target young women and raise awareness about the signs of abuse.  His campaign was a good example of an integrated marketing communications campaign that the students will be creating for their own clients at the end of the semester.

IMC graduates Danielle Cudmore and Akshay Potdar returned to share their experience with a client as students in last year’s class. They had great advice for the class and showed the successful campaign they created for Elmira Pet Products (including their advice to revamp the company website). Danielle works as the marketing communications specialist for the Geneva Centre for Autism.


James Howe, Danielle Cudmore, Akshay Potdar at Conestoga on Monday, Sept. 30.

Akshay has gone the entrepreneurial route and is establishing a global business in the jewelery market. (Akshay is also a graduate of the Global Business Management post-graduate program at Conestoga.) Prototypes of the jewelery have been created and he is establishing a distribution network in the Toronto area. He is working with the designer of the jewelery and is employing another IMC graduate Valerie Tyschenko to develop marketing communications plans.

The IMC Mondays will continue throughout the semester. Topics have included “Tapping Your Creativity” and “Design Elements”. Future sessions will focus on social media and online marketing tools such as Website SEO, video, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter etc.

The sessions are voluntary but enhance what the students are learning in the program. They will be able to use the advice and information when they are placed on a team and create an IMC plan for their clients in November.

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