Integrating social with traditional

The IMC class  participates in an internal discussion forum where they can write about what they are learning in the program. They are encouraged to connect the dots between the courses they study or to reflect on what they are learning. The following guest post comes from that discussion forum.

This submission was written by Yohan Bengali, IMC 2014 candidate.

Check out this link on how traditional media like TV campaigns are being integrated with technology e.g. Vine ( a mobile application which allows user to capture and share short looping videos that are a maximum  length of 6 seconds) ,

Mobile Applications like Vine, You Tube, and Instagram are new tools to advertise and promote a service or product and have proven to work effectively; as long as technology keeps innovating there will always be new and creative  ways to advertise.

Is this the new wave in social TV. campaigning ?

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