Keeping it current with IMC Workshops

Throughout the semester, IMC students have been invited to attend a series of workshops featuring guest speakers on a variety of topics related to integrated marketing communications. The following blog is a summary of two presentations held recently.

This submission was written by Amy Simmonds, IMC 2014 candidate.

I find social media and online marketing extremely fascinating. Social media and online marketing is continually evolving, and what I think is so amazing about it is how much it has grown over the last 5 years alone. I remember signing myself up for Facebook when I was in grade 12 (7 years ago) and thinking it was just some new, fun website. I don’t think anyone could predict how much of an impact Facebook – and now Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google +, Youtube – would have on our generation.

Sourov De from The Stryve Marketing Group began by highlighting the 9 Steps to Creating A Social Media Marketing Campaign. These steps include defining your goals, defining your target market, defining where your target market congregates online, differentiating between problem solving and entertaining, the content that can you provide, creating social media profiles, building your following, distributing content/updates effectively and lastly, measuring everything! Before elaborating on each point individually he highlighted one key piece of advice: don’t jump straight to step 7 – building your following. Although most clients want to see immediate results  – in the amount of likes or shares – it is imperative to go through each step first, especially defining your goals, target market and figuring out where your target market congregates online. It’s pointless to go through the work of setting up a Facebook account if your target market mainly uses Twitter or doesn’t use social media at all. Do the background work first and the rest will fall into place – in this case, your social media presence will explode!

Shum Attygalle from Axonify then continued the social media theme and discussed some new types of online marketing. It was interesting to see what new types of developments have come about in the last few years – the Twitter-American Express partnership was especially interesting! Shum talked about a new Twitter development called Amplify, a way that companies can use ‘twitter-chatter’ to get relevant, real-time advertising analytics, as well as continue the consumer experience even after the commercial has ended. An online newspaper says that “the recent finale of “Breaking Bad” generated a record 1.24 million tweets. The conversation peaked at 22,373 tweets per minute according to analytics firm SocialGuide. People used the hashtag “#GoodbyeBreakingBad” nearly 500,000 times. During this year’s Super Bowl, sports fans generated 24 million tweets about the competition and nearly half of the game’s nationally televised commercials contained hashtags that encouraged viewers to tweet”

Amplify, the new twitter platform, “lets content owners beam real-time video clips to Twitter users who may have seen —or could be interested in — their TV programming. It also allows marketers to communicate with viewers who saw their TV ads, extending commercial pitches to consumers’ smartphones and tablets.”

It’s pretty amazing what is available now online, not only in the forms of social media, but also in the forms of social marketing. Shum’s presentation definitely opened my eyes to how social media and online marketing is continually evolving and developing – it definitely seems like anything is possible.

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