IMC Class Tours Cober Printing

As part of their corporate communications course, IMC students learn about paper stock and the special printing effects, die cuts, finishes etc. they can apply to any ‘ink on paper’ corporate materials they may want to produce in the future. Cober Printing in Kitchener recently hosted the students to a very informative session.

100_2638In this photo, Todd Cober explains digital printing which allows a business to print customized solutions for direct mail campaigns.

The tour included a detailed lesson on the variety of paper stock available and how choosing it is an important decision in the printing process.

100_2640Students also learned how a variety of decisions made in the planning stages (such as die cuts, folds, colours, design elements) can impact critical components in the printing and distribution stages, ultimately impacting budget.

Todd is the 4th generation of his family to work at Cober Printing.

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