Interactive advertising and communications – future of content?

The IMC class  participates in an internal discussion forum where they can write about what they are learning in the program. They are encouraged to connect the dots between the courses they study or to reflect on what they are learning. The following guest post comes from that discussion forum.

This submission was written by Eugene Petrov, IMC 2014 candidate.

I would like to share some thoughts regarding content and its future.

As it was mentioned many times during classes, the process of consuming media content is becoming more interactive, it involves multiple screens, it is more engaging and measurable. Your opinion can be easily heard by content producers and can influence them. You are able to get experience using multiple platforms and to see action from different angles (TV, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc).

It is absolutely impressive, but what’s next? How will we influence content producers in 5 years?

You have probably heard of the Chrome Experiments project, which is a tech community supported by Google. The main idea of the project is about testing technology for web and mobile (HTML5, multi-screening connection, etc). If you go through some experiments you will notice that many of them are built around your web-personality, or require your participation using a camera, a phone or a mic.

Does it partly reveal the future of media that will be focused on users as a part of the content? Like Wii/Kinect video games do.

Check these links and feel the experience of being the central part of video, exhibition, or even advertising! What do you think?

1) Arcade Fire – The Wilderness Downtown (music video uses Google Street View)

2) Intel Museum of Me (experience requres Facebook profile data)

3) Virgin Mobile Youtube Channel (uses a web camera and your eyes)

4) The Peanut Gallery Films (uses a microphone)

5) Arcade Fire – Just A Reflector (music video uses a web camera and a mobile phone)


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