Grads start own fashion accessory business

IMC grads enter a variety of fields after graduation – financial, manufacturing, cosmetics, not-for-profit –  to name a few sectors.  Two recent grads (2013), Akshay Potdar and Valerie  Tyshchenko,  have decided to create their own future and launch their own company.

Gomma Fashion  is a start-up based in the heart of Toronto that specializes in laser-cut accessories made from 100% natural rubber.

Valerie Tyshchenko-1Valerie is pictured here wearing one of the necklace designs.

The jewellery has many unique qualities. They:

  • are made of one, solid piece of natural material;
  • do not break;
  • can look like a tattoo;
  • will not heat up or melt under direct sun light;
  • are weightless.                                                           Each accessory made by Gomma organically combines art and fashion.

The Team

Gomma Fashion is a collaborative studio; Akshay is the business developer (Akshay is also a graduate of Conestoga’s Global Business Management program), and Valerie is the marketing and PR manager. The two have joined forces with Melina Terra Salomon, the creative head and designer.

The Process

Using 100% natural rubber sheets made of high tensile strength, Gomma accessories are created using sophisticated laser-cut technology. Laser cutting the accessories allows for extreme precision that is delicate enough to cut even the smallest details without breakage.

The product

These delicate accessories have a lot of unique features: they are stretchable, weightless, waterproof, heat resistant, eco-friendly, and easy to wash.   The intricate designs were inspired by natural elements, pop culture and latest fashion trends. The first laser-cut rubber collection contains rings, bracelets and necklaces. All of them come in three classy colors: white, black and red. When you wear them against your skin – they look like a tattoo. The necklaces come in one standard size, bracelets are adjustable with three or more sizes and the rings come in small, medium and large sizes. These accessories can be worn with any kind of outfit, whether casual day out or corporate.

braceletsThe bracelet collection can be viewed at left.

The accessories are available by pre-order through Gomma. (see links below)

Gomma Fashion is currently looking for funding on to help launch the production of this collection.







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