Our students are appreciated

The IMC students recently held fundraisers as part of their event management and project management courses. They designed, promoted and implemented these events under very short timelines.  The three events raised a combined $700 to give to three charities.  This week we received the following letter:

Dear Kim,

I’d like to acknowledge the fabulous efforts of your students Andrew, Christina, Kyle, Katie, Christian, Karly, and Anastasiia in delivering an exceptional fundraising event to support Lutherwood’s Safe Haven Shelter.

Andrew was our contact person and he was very thorough and thoughtful in his communications with us.  We had a staff change midway through the planning process for the event and Andrew very graciously worked with some confusion at our end.  I also appreciated that he took the time to drive up to our children’s mental health centre in North Waterloo to pick up some promotional material.

When I arrived at the event (on a cold and windy winter’s day) I found two groups of very enthusiastic students.  

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One group cheerfully accepted bottle donations at the Beer Store, the other was running the BBQ.  All were smiling and very positive – great representatives on behalf of both the college and Safe Haven Shelter.

We have a large annual fundraising campaign at Lutherwood so it is delightful when such a fine group selects our charity and does great work to raise money for us.

With gratitude.


Donna Buchan, M.Sc.N.  |  Executive Director, Lutherwood

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