Tips on living and working ‘green’

Fairview Park Mall will be the site of a one-day event Saturday, March 22, that IMC students designed and pitched to the mall’s marketing manager. 

The event will celebrate Cadillac Fairview’s Green at Work initiative. 

The event is designed to be educational about how to live and work a ‘green’ lifestyle and will include five interactive display areas with activities to engage youth and information for adults.  THEMUSEUM has been a strategic partner as has Sustainable Waterloo Region.

The event is the result of a class project for the program’s Event Management and Project Management classes. Lessons in the Creative Strategies and Media Technologies course, and the Media Relations course also came into play as students designed the promotional and collateral materials and pitched local media about the event.

Come join us at Fairview Park Mall and see what our students can accomplish and to learn a little bit more about being ‘green’ in the month of March!

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