World Suicide Prevention Vigil

The recent death by suicide of actor Robin Williams has raised more discussion on the state of mental health issues in our province.  Our society has a very dismal record of dealing with this illness as the social stigma and ignorance remains strong.
As an institution that works with young people, where the effects of mental illness can be exacerbated due to school stress, Conestoga College is trying to spread the word about this topic.
Telecare Cambridge Distress line is hosting the region’s first annual World Suicide Prevention Day Vigil on September 10, 2014.  Their hope is to bring peace to families who have been affected by suicide and bring awareness of the many resources in the Region that are available for people who may have suicide on their minds.
For more information on Telecare and on World Suicide Prevention day see the following links:
Read the excellent article by Marvin Ross in The Huffington Post: Ontario can be a mean place if you have a mental illness.


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