What’s your colour?

The following guest post is written by IMC 2015 Candidate Katie Grauer from her blog http://ktgrauer.wordpress.com/

After a full five weeks of class, we have been introduced to many projects, group activities, lessons, and more. As a class, we have learned a lot about one another and the ways in which we work, however the Personality Dimensions workshop really revealed a lot about each student.

Our Personality Dimensions speaker, Kathi Smith, spent a lot of time with those who came out to the workshop to discuss why knowing your colour is important for being in a relationship, work, and school. P1010837

Kathi stated that although most of us could probably guess our colour, it’s still helpful to know what colour our classmates are as this could impact efficiency and communication in our (many) group projects.

Kathi stressed that each person has at least some of all four colours in them, reminding us that everyone has something in common with one another, although our habits and preferences could suggest otherwise.

I wasn’t surprised to find out that I am the colour blue. I believe in helping others, respecting authority, and putting others before myself. I often find myself in a situation where people ask for my opinions or advice, or simply want someone to listen to them. I enjoy working in group projects but I also like to take initiative to make sure work is being done correctly. Perhaps this reflects my secondary colour which is gold. Organization is a work-in-progress; however, I am detail-oriented, enjoy proofreading and editing, and delegating tasks.

This workshop was insightful and I learned more than I expected about my classmates and myself. I realize I have some weaknesses, but many strengths. Overall, this experience will be beneficial for job interviews, group activities, networking and more.


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