Branding yourself online

The following guest post is written by IMC 2015 Candidate Chris Viana from his blog

A recent article written by Fast Company titled “How to Brand Yourself on Social Media” covers what it takes in order to create a successful online presence for your company. The article breaks down in detail the three steps to creating an effective presence: Defining your brand, Creating a communication style, and Defining your brand image.

When it comes to social media, many companies choose to use every available platform in order to build their presence and reach as big an audience as possible. In most cases, this is not plausible for a multitude of reasons. In order for a company to use a wide variety of social media platforms, large amounts of funding need to be allocated to the cause and if not, the company will do poorly on all platforms as a whole. Furthermore, many of company’s given customer base only use a select few platforms, therefore making a lot of platforms ineffective when trying to reach them. Finally, if a company wants to have a successful online presence, they must create consistent parameters for when and how they will communicate with their audiences.

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is important for companies to have a strong social media presence. On top of that, it is vital that these companies carefully select a handful of effective social media tools – as opposed to trying to use all available platforms – in order to efficiently reach its desired audience. Selecting these appropriate and relevant media platforms saves time, effort and money, in the long run. If organizations take a step back and follow the three steps, then they will see a large improvement in the way they perceived through social media.

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