Managing the social media world

 The following guest post is written by IMC 2015 Candidate Jen van Overbeeke from her blog

The whole world is talking about social media marketing. Pros, cons, strategies; everyone has advice. You could spend days sifting through a Google Search on “social media tips”, and that article from two months ago is already out of date.

So… How can you stay on top of it all? I say, follow Hootsuite.

Hootsuite LogoAt its foundation, Hootsuite is a social media management platform. A place on the internet where you can track and post to all your social media accounts. But explore a little further and you’ll find that Hootsuite is about a whole lot more. Via the Hootsuite Blog, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, Hootsuite shares some brilliant social media tips & tricks, and can help you with brand awareness.

Some examples, you ask? My pleasure!

How to be a Killer Marketer in the Digital Era. Among other golden nuggets, Hootsuite reminds us to “see every comment on social media as a golden opportunity”. Comments on social media provide a valuable stream of real-time feedback.  Also, read some funny tweets from the 2014 JCPenney Twitter debacle.

DOs and DON’Ts of Social Media Pictures. A reminder to keep social media pictures relevant. Cover images and profile pictures can be used to engage your audience in some pretty exciting ways. Take advantage of photograph dimensions, particularly in your headers. Learn from Kraft Dinner and the Cartoon Network.

The 2014 Social Media Glossary: 154 Essential Definitions. Not sure what “youths” these days are talking about? (Clickbait, crowdsourcing, direct message, first response time.) More legit than Urban Dictionary, this glossary is an essential tool for any modern marketer or social media manager.

Hootsuite’s Social Update | 10.24.14. Posted weekly, these social updates give an overview of all the latest social media happenings. This week: the efficacy of Facebook ads, the new Ice Bucket Challenge, and updates to Twitter and Hootsuite.

Which article did you find most useful? How do you keep track of the social media world?

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