REAP says thanks for IMC presentation

Joy Smith of REAP Operations (and incidentally a Conestoga PR grad herself) sent the following message to IMC program co-ordinator, Kim Denstedt:  “I just wanted to thank you, Sarah, Riani, and Nicole for coming out to speak at the Felt Lab last Friday. I’ve written a Tumblr blog post about it, and I  wanted to share it with you, in case you wanted to share it with your networks to show them what you’ve been doing recently:

So, check out Joy’s posting and pictures and then check out her blog for information about the kind of presentations that are featured at REAP’s  Lunch and Learns every Friday noon hour.  While many are of a technical nature, this particular IMC presentation focused on marketing communications.

It was a pleasure to present with Nicole (2013 IMC grad), Sarah (2014 IMC grad) and Riani (2015 IMC grad candidate).

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