Marketing Communications Dos and Don’ts From the Other Side: Non-Marketers!

Here’s a great posting from 2015 IMC candidate Andy Chan from her own blog!

Andy Chan

With a big deadline looming I decided to focus this blog post on content from other people. Rather than a guest post, below is a random assortment of comments from folks within my network who aren’t in the field of marketing communications. Remember: their opinions should matter to you because they’re the reason you’re promoting what you’re promoting or communicating what you’re communicating!


From the perspective of consumers of marketing strategies:

  • DON’T insult my intelligence.
  • DO differentiate yourself from your competitor. I treat marketing as the company’s attempt to highlight the best side of a product by exploiting people’s desires, while washing away its blemishes. As such, I alternate between ignoring marketing and trying to interpret its message, mostly the former.
  • DON’T try to pretend that your marketing is organic and viral when the language clearly identifies you as a marketer. I.e., don’t be an online sock puppet.
  • DO clearly…

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