Spotlight on IMC program in action: #1

The following post was written by students in the IMC program as a way to shed light on what experiential learning really means.

The IMC students have been hard at work organizing the Green at Work event at CF Fairview Park as part of their event and project management class.


Elise and Stephanie discuss the overall plan and procurement

The event, which will take place on April 2nd, is to be a family friendly afternoon of educational entertainment and games. The class has grouped itself, according to student skills, into four different teams that are handling different aspects of the creative and organizational process.

As they are thrown into the world of event planning and project management, the students will learn what it takes to properly co-ordinate, promote and execute a planned event.  It begins with a planning and design phase; continues through promotion, procurement and budgeting, and finishes with the execution of the planned event.  Every student in the class is involved and will be present at the event this Saturday.


Luc and Jason work on next steps

Over the next few days we will be shedding light on some of the tasks involved in each process. To do this we will put the spotlight on each team in hopes to uncover the true nature of our program in action.

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