Behind the scenes: With the graphic and media teams #2

This is the second blog in a series by IMC students which will explain what they are doing behind the scenes in preparation for their Green at Work Event at CF Fairview Park this Saturday, April 2.

A Maven is defined as a “connoisseur,” an expert or an authoritative figure that offers knowledge to others.

The concept stemmed from how Cadillac Fairview envisions itself as a company: an older sibling to shoppers, offering advice and suggestions, but as equals rather than authoritative.


Linnea and Geena get creative

The Maven perfectly captures the image of a wise individual that is both friendly and caring of their community.

A Green Maven and a Blue Maven will attend the Green at Work Event on Saturday, brought to life by students who were inspired by the artistic creation of these characters by one of their peers in the class.


Vishal designs

The graphic design team is hard at work to bring these characters to life for the event through creative posters, logo designs for costumes, mission cards for activities, and much more.

The media team has worked hard to create media kits including media releases, media alerts, and Fact Sheets about the upcoming event.


Stephanie prepares media kits

They will be reaching out to several of the local media outlets and applying the skills they have learned from the IMC program to attract media attention for the Green At Work event.

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