Procurement and execution # 3

This is third in a series of blog posts written by IMC students about their experience in planning and executing a large event this Saturday at Fairview Park mall.
The pressure is beginning to mount for our procurement team, who are acting essentially as the backbone of the Green at Work event.
While the creative and media teams have put their time in, and the information packages have been sent out, it is now time for Jason, Sam, Steph, and Brenda to step up to bat

Brenda hard at work

To be fair, the procurement team has been tasked with gathering all necessary materials, which is a large job that has seen them swamped for almost a month’s time now. Approaching vendors, finding suppliers, shopping, managing the budget…

As we approach the day of the event, gathering the materials has become the primary focus across the board, and each team is lending their support in whichever way they can.

It will be all hands on deck this Saturday at CF Fairview Park. Come see what the class has created and what you can learn about sustainable living for the environment.


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