Placement success

One of the wonderful aspects of the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program is the practicum placement that students complete in the winter semester.

It is wonderful for obvious reasons. The students get a chance to prove what they have learned, to demonstrate the knowledge that they have gained from an intense, busy year of study, and to graduate with real experience.  That’s a wonderful feeling for the student.

But what our employers bring to the whole experience is also wonderful – they encourage and mentor a young person who is eager to launch their career. (And they get a ready-to-implement marketing communications plan!)

Another wonderful aspect of the IMC program is the fact that every year we  welcome a few international students who add immeasurably to the entire class’ experience. For some Canadian students, it is the first time they have met and worked with students from other parts of the world.  It’s an opportunity to experience diversity for everyone in the class. The IMC program has welcomed students from India, Nigeria, Oman, Ukraine, Russia, and South Africa. All have contributed to our education here at Conestoga College.

It is not easy to travel to a different country, study in a language other than one’s mother tongue, and experience a new and strange culture. As an instructor in the course, I have much admiration for these students.

These images are of Devyani, an International student from India who completed her placement with Relish, a unique cooking school in downtown Waterloo owned by cookbook author Donna-Marie Pye and fellow culinary enthusiast Maria Burjoski. Turns out, one of Devyani’s dreams is to open her own restaurant in India some day.

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