Visual storytelling

A final assignment in the Creative Strategies Toolkit course was to create a video about a ‘day in the life of’ an integrated marketing communications student.

It was a fun way to end a stressful semester with a chance to showcase key learnings in the course under Professor Carolyn McLeod.

The students were allowed to use any film editing software that they were comfortable with, although for many, their first experience in film editing was through Adobe Photoshop CC taught in this class.

The project started with storyboarding and the use of creative strategies to tell the IMC student story in an effective and meaningful way. Using a storyboard allowed students to write out each scene, sketch the images and write the dialogue necessary. Then, gathering their videos, photos, interviews and voice recordings they had 4 full weeks to complete the task (on top of all of their other assignments!).

Carolyn McLeod’s response: “Great results! From just trying to get to school in the morning, to a full day of IMC classes, to covering the entire two semesters, there was a great variety of perspectives in their storytelling.”

While there were many fun and engaging submissions, we will share two here.

The first is from Neha Soni with a very creative lens on her experience.

The second is a humourous look at the ups and downs of the year by Devyani Vashisht.



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