At Google headquarters

20160913_091050_resizedIMC2017 candidate Leeza Shabekova attended a joint presentation today by Google and Honeypot Marketing on the topic of Google Adwords. Leeza (left) visited with Eric Zegarski and Gladis Abboud  Mealinajar. Another IMC2017 student, Saqif Abdullah, also attended the session that provided attendees with lots of tips for successful ad word programs.  Liz Austin of Google suggested that people are loyal to their needs, not necessarily brands and that marketers need to understand what those needs are, at the moments they are happening.  The need for useful content was also stressed. Finally, the quality score of an ad word campaign is very important. The higher the quality, the lower the cost explained Honeypot founder Dan Nedelko. The students also made some valuable network contacts. Much appreciation to Honeypot Marketing for this opportunity.

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