Well, there goes September!

Faculty and students alike were amazed to look at the calendar this week and realize that the end of September was fast approaching.

The week began with a bus trip to Cober. Vice President Todd Cober introduced the class to the value of working with your commercial printer in the planning process before you get to the printing stage.  Not only is the corporate message impacted by your paper choice, printers can introduce you to a variety of specialty approaches that will help you accomplish your objectives. Todd grew up in the printing business that was started by his great-grandfather and his knowledge of both print and electronic communications provides a valuable lesson for students who also got a tour to see the printing presses at work.

The week ended with a test in digital marketing while in between students began to draft the introduction to their dry run IMC plans.

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In public relations class they conducted an audit (researching internal/external environments and public perception) while in marketing they competed in teams as they learned about SWOTs and target markets.

In advertising class they listened to an inspiring presentation by Frank Mosey of T Stone Mailing.Frank shared more than his expertise in direct response campaigns. He told the class he has not ‘worked’ a day in his life (despite handling mailing needs of organizations from around the world).  He encouraged students to forget the money – but to work at something they are passionate about instead.  Frank has pursued his passion for data-base marketing over the years and is recognized by Canada Post as a mail expert.

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