First 5 weeks a blur

This guest post is written by 2016-2017  IMC candidate Krystle Forget. It shares the perspective of a student who  has returned to school 10 years after her under-grad.

It’s the start of week six of the IMC program and things are definitely getting busier! The first five weeks are a bit of a blur, as so much has happened.

Source: Creative Commons

Source: Creative Commons

Rewind to week one: I was excited to get started, but was also a little bit nervous about adjusting to being a student after so long. The first day of class was spent getting to know one another and going over some housekeeping items for the upcoming semester.

Easy peasy!

Our instructors took it pretty easy on us for the rest of the week, which was appreciated by all of us!

Fast forward to week three: blog post, PR assignment, and advertising assignment due, plus a PR quiz and readings for multiple classes. Yikes! Welcome to what the rest of the semester is going to be like! Luckily we are all in the same boat and can lean on each other for support when needed. Because the IMC program is a graduate certificate, we have every class together. This type of format helps you start to form friendships pretty quickly, which has been great. It doesn’t seem to matter that I’m ten years older than most of my new friends. I tend to forget about it until certain slang is used and I have no idea what they are talking about! Shhhh they don’t know that I can’t speak their language🙂

We have been lucky enough to have already gone on a few field trips: Cober Evolving Solutions in Kitchener, Home Hardware head office and warehouse in St. Jacobs, Felt Lab/Quarry Marketing Communications in St. Jacobs, and the Foodland in Ayr. Each outing was very interesting and informative. It’s great to be able to hear from different people in the marketing world and to see what types of jobs are available to us when we graduate.

This week is another busy one with a blog post, digital tools assignment, advertising presentation, and PR IMC draft due. I am definitely looking forward to reading week at the end of the month!

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