Hard work pays off

This guest post is written by IMC2017 candidate Krystle Forget who is chronicling her decision to return to school 10 years after her university graduation.

The decision to return to school and to take the Integrated Marketing Communications program at Conestoga College has been a real game changer. In the few months that I have been here, I have already grown so much—both academically and personally. I have a newfound confidence in my abilities and that makes me excited about what the future holds for me after I finish this program.

To say that the past three weeks have been busy would be an understatement. I don’t remember there ever being a time in University where I had so much on my plate. Between tests, individual reports, group reports, individual presentations, and group presentations, November has been one tough month! Long days, followed by late nights, have made me look forward to weekends more than ever. As demanding as this month has been though, it’s shown me what I am capable of and has pushed me to work hard for the things that I want.

I want to do well in this program. I want to learn as much as I can from my instructors, my peers, and from myself. I want a career in a field that I love and have a real interest in. I want to work in marketing and communications.

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