Grads return to share

Each year we invite a few IMC grads to return to class, but this time to share their job hunting experiences and to talk about what they are doing today.

Recently, we heard from Nicole Renfer (2013) and Nina Vasic (2016) who told the class their personal experiences, including the number of applications they sent out and what they learned from the interview process. One valuable tip they left is that the first job you accept may not be the dream job, but you learn and grow from every experience.


The next week four graduates came to share. Alexandria Evans (2016), Hugo Agostinho (2013), Danielle Cudmore (2013) and Stephanie Fereiro (2016) engaged the class in a lively discussion about job hunting, the value of portfolios, and the types of work they are doing today.   This includes project management, marketing in the gaming industry, communications officer for a municipality and a content specialist in the insurance industry.  This coming week will feature Erin Weiler (2013), Alex Pedersen (2014) and Hillary Verardi (2014).

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