Here we go again!

IMC is off to an exciting start this year with two classes of students eager to learn how to integrate communications into strategic plans.  Orientation was well-attended and a highlight of the evening was a visit by alumni Jovana Blagojevic,Valerie Tyschenko, and Nickesha Welch. The three passed along their top tips to success in the program: take assignments seriously as though it was your job, don’t let your group members down, and get networking for future success.

The new students had a chance to greet each other and discover what they had in common.

The group was also challenged to create a complete picture out of small images they coloured while listening to faculty and students talk about the coming year.   They recognized the significance of the challenge in a reflection: it takes many smaller pieces to make a whole, sometimes you don’t see the whole picture but you keep at it – trust the process and your colleagues, everyone has to do their part to get to a complete picture, and someone needs to take a leadership role but everyone still has an important part to play! The map was also an illustration of the different countries in the world from which students in the class come. It promises to be a year of many learnings!

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