Keeping us connected … and learning despite Covid-19!

The Integrated Communications class is doing an outstanding job of keeping connected in these unprecedented times.  Not only are they attending regularly scheduled classes, they have all stepped up to handle “real” client meetings this week in preparation for their final capstone project.

The faculty are working hard to ensure that the information they need to complete their semester courses is delivered and that the students feel connected to us throughout.

We have always said that we offer something that is different from university – not better but different. University is great for developing critical thinkers and opening up the world for students. So essential to their future.

But college, that is where the rubber hits the road. Where the theory meets the practical expectations. And in the case of Integrated Communications, where the lessons meet the real client expectations.

Kudos to our students for working hard to “keep it real.”

And, kudos to our essential workers – nurses, first responders, doctors, and grocery story employees –  who are keeping life moving forward.  Cheers to all of you.


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