What’s an Integrated Communications (IC) Plan?

An IC plan

covers all the different ways that a business or organization communicates about itself, its products or its services to the world.  It integrates marketing, advertising, promotion, public relations and communication (both offline and online) strategies and tactics.  It provides the roadmap for an organization to deliver  messages to, and interact with, target markets and publics.  An IC plan can be developed for an entire business, a new product or service launch, an event, or a specific program.

It starts with

research into the business’ mission, corporate goals, reputation and branding equity to ensure the plan fits with the overall business strategy.  Identified target markets and publics, and the competition are explored.  Strategies and specific tactics are then recommended.

These can range from a suggested change in logo to specific recommendations for what:

  • markets and publics to target,
  • messaging to develop,
  • advertising and promotions to launch, and
  • public relations activities to implement.

A proposed budget is included.

An IC plan ensures an organization’s

  • Message is consistent across all platforms (which strengthens the message and image)
  • Budget is supported with appropriate research

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