IMC as an option

After university students collect their degrees and celebrate convocation with family and friends, many are left to wonder – what now? For some, the steps may be obvious, for others, it may not be so clear.  That’s where a post-graduate certificate may be the answer.

Conestoga College offers Integrated Marketing Communications, a one-year, experiential program that prepares students with the skills to work in the communications field. It’s ideal for students with degrees in Communications, Journalism, English, or Political Science.

Check out this video (you will find it on the right side of the page on the college website) for more details and to hear what graduates have to say.

Questions? Email co-ordinator Kim Denstedt:


Be a Maven

Come out today to see the event IMC students pitched and planned for CF Fairview Park mall.  Be a maven – a knowledgable source of information – about how to live an environmentally sustainable life!

Games and activities for families will help deliver important information. You will even see the superhero characters, The Blue Maven and the Green Maven,  in pursuit of the evil ‘garbage gobbler’.

Have your picture taken as a maven – get your mission card, complete the tasks and you can win!

The event preparations began Friday night (pictured below)  and activities will run all day today, April 2, at the mall.

Pancake fundraiser for Special Olympics

Champions Together

Have pancakes for breakfast on Saturday March 5th, and help support the Special Olympics and Conestoga College IMC students.

The fundraising event will be held at the Knights of Columbus in the Fireplace Lounge, 145 Dearborn Place, Waterloo, between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Pancakes will be sold
Short Stack (3 pancakes) – $5
Tall Stack (5 pancakes) – $7
Small Stack (2 pancakes) – $3
** Extra toppings can be purchased for varying prices.

There will be a 50/50 draw, a hot chocolate making station, and a complimentary cup of coffee or tea with your pancake purchase. Seconds or Hot Chocolate can be purchased for $1/drink.

You can view our event on Snap and Facebook
Snap Kitchener/Waterloo:

You can also follow our efforts on the day through social media

A special thanks to our sponsors:

Knights of Columbus Waterloo
Sobeys Ira Needles Location
Sobeys Bridgeport Location
Sobeys Parkside Location
We are still continuously seeking sponsors to counter the running cost of the event. If you would like to sponsor materials, or make a monetary donation, please contact Samantha Gorys at (519) 781-1790, or

Quality versus Quantity of Social Media Content

IMC 2015 Graduate Nina Vasic shares some great social media advice.

Nina Vasic

Social media wordcloud

In this fast-paced, digital era, there is an enormous amount of emphasis and effort placed on numbers: How many likes do you have on Facebook? How about the number of followers on your Twitter? Number of visits on your website?

While the value placed on quantitative analytics is a justified means of measuring marketing success, it is not the only critical success factor. Equally important to the success of a digital media plan is the qualitative approach.

Before we delve into the meaning of a qualitative approach to digital media, it is important to understand one critical factor about the virtual beast we call The Internet.

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Put your money where your mouth is!

IMC 2015 Graduate Riani DeWet shares a great example of how a media interview can tear at the seams of ill-prepared comments.


One of the basic tenets of public relations is that anything you say must be able to stand up to challenge and scrutiny. In this instance, I must declare my bias. I am not a fan of Monsanto, and I am not a fan of herbicides and pesticides. Where possible, I buy organic produce. So I was laughing by myself when I came across this:

This is not very good PR for agricultural company Monsanto.

In an interview with French cable channel Canal+, GMO advocate Dr. Patrick Moore claimed that the chemical in the company’s Roundup herbicide is safe for humans to consume and that  “you could drink a quart of it and it won’t hurt you.”

Of course, the intrepid interviewing journalist then promptly challenged him to drink some, which Dr. Moore refused. (Apparently he is not completely stupid, or an idiot – or so he says!)  Dr. Moore was insisting that glyphosate…

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