IMC highlighted on Rogers program

Check out the Oct. 4 episode that highlights the partnership between IMC and Crime Stoppers, Waterloo Region.

Happy Thanksgiving

To our 2016-2017 class, Happy Thanksgiving.  To our graduates, we hope you are spending some time this weekend with the people who mean the most to you, and whom you are thankful to have in your lives.  To our business partners who share their expertise as guest speakers, who take on IMC students in work placements, and who provide the real client experience our students need to enhance their resumes – we wish you a wonderful thanksgiving in the company of those who are important in your lives.  We have much to be thankful for in Canada, in Ontario, and in the Waterloo Region.

Conestoga in the news

This is another story that appeared in the business section of the Waterloo Region Record as a result of a student pitch.  IMC 2016 graduate Stephanie Fereiro spent her second semester placement with Two Blonde Chicks and pitched this story to the business editor as an assignment for media relations class. Her story idea was one of four student pitches that have been followed up by the newspaper.

And they’re off!

Sorry to say goodbye, but excited for the futures of our graduating 2016 IMC class.  Not everyone was able to make Convocation on June 8, but we were delighted to see this group: Jason Toman and Kurtis Rideout; Stephanie Spriet, Elise Marion, Stephanie Fereiro, Kathleen Binder, Neha Soni, Brenda Palma Zarco, and Navpreet Kaur.


News to share

Even after our IMC class has left the hallowed hallways, we continue to hear from them. Devyani is flying home to India next week. Elise has a job (yeah!) and Kurtis Rideout has a story in today’s Waterloo Region Record!   It was a story he pitched to editor Ron DeRuyter back in March, as part of a class assignment.   The story was about Kuntz Electroplating Inc., the local company that took Kurtis on as a field placement during the winter semester.  Read all about them here.

Visual storytelling

A final assignment in the Creative Strategies Toolkit course was to create a video about a ‘day in the life of’ an integrated marketing communications student.

It was a fun way to end a stressful semester with a chance to showcase key learnings in the course under Professor Carolyn McLeod.

The students were allowed to use any film editing software that they were comfortable with, although for many, their first experience in film editing was through Adobe Photoshop CC taught in this class.

The project started with storyboarding and the use of creative strategies to tell the IMC student story in an effective and meaningful way. Using a storyboard allowed students to write out each scene, sketch the images and write the dialogue necessary. Then, gathering their videos, photos, interviews and voice recordings they had 4 full weeks to complete the task (on top of all of their other assignments!).

Carolyn McLeod’s response: “Great results! From just trying to get to school in the morning, to a full day of IMC classes, to covering the entire two semesters, there was a great variety of perspectives in their storytelling.”

While there were many fun and engaging submissions, we will share two here.

The first is from Neha Soni with a very creative lens on her experience.

The second is a humourous look at the ups and downs of the year by Devyani Vashisht.