Team Practicum

Your business or not-for-profit agency could have an IMC plan created by IMC students.

Near the end of first semester, students are placed on teams and given a client for whom they will create an IMC plan.

The teams arrange to meet with their clients and class time is devoted to developing the plan with faculty serving as mentors.

Clients agree to:

  • provide the information students require for the plan,
  • meet with the team’s liaison as needed, and
  • attend the final presentation of the plan by the students during exam week.

Clients can launch the plans at their own discretion.  The total time commitment to become a client is between one to two hours a week, depending on the complexity of the plan or size of business.

Contact us:

Any business organization that would be interested in being a client is asked to fill out the form below or call Kim Denstedt, program co-ordinator at 519-748-5220, ext. 2403.