Christmas Marketing

The following guest post is written by IMC 2015 Candidate Riani deWet from her blog

Grinches of the world, unite!

‘Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.’ This quote is famously attributed to 19th century Prussian statesman, Otto von Bismark. Sometimes I think that is a little bit true of marketing as well.

Let me declare upfront – I love Christmas, I love Christmas carols, the spirit of giving, presents, decorations, gift wrap, reindeers and snow.

But I like my Christmas to come with time limits. Much like you don’t want your child to be glued to the TV for hours on ends, surely you don’t want Christmas to carry on for a third of the year either.


Yet that is exactly what seems to be happening.

And as annoying as I find it in stores, seeing it in print  is as sad as finding a Santa costume hidden away underneath the Christmas decorations when I was six.

Here in Canada, shop displays start to turn towards green and red as the last of the Halloween merchandise go on sale, but there is still some measure of restraint until after Remembrance Day. But after that, it’s gloves off.

Trees are out, wreaths are up, and lights are twinkling. And Christmas tunes star filling the air.

So how do shoppers feel about that? Turns out, as many people love it as hate it.

According to the Harvard Business Review,almost 33% of people love early Christmas displays, and almost 33% of people love it. The remaining 34% say they are neutral, or only mildly annoyed.

From a marketing perspective, I can certainly see the advantage of early Christmas promotions, but as a consumer, I’d rather put it off until December.

How do you feel about Christmas marketing?