Have you stopped a crime?

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This past year integrated marketing communication graduate students created strategic  plans for Waterloo Regional Crime Stoppers and media relations plans for the Ontario Crime Stoppers Association.  To top off a successful year, the students were invited to present a summary of the plans at the provincial association’s annual training conference in June.

Graduates Marc Heroux and Clare Harper will be featured presenters at the conference to be held at Conestoga College on June 10.

In the lead up to the conference, Marc and Clare had their photos taken by Conestoga Technologist Chris Martin for an advertisement that will appear in the conference program handbook. The display behind the students is one sample of artwork conceived by the students as part of their plans.

The conference will be attended by 38 chapters of Crime Stoppers from across the province.

Movember moves

What’s a moustache worth?  It’s in the millions of dollars apparently, according to Mitch Hermansen who spoke at an IABC Waterloo Chapter special event this morning.  Mitch works with the Movember Foundation that raised more than $15 million just last year in its annual campaign.

Just the sight of someone wearing a moustache can now spark a conversation about Movember and the need to pay attention to men’s health issues.  Men become walking billboards raising awareness of the issues, as well as dollars.

Some of those dollars have supported the research of doctors, including Hon Leong of the Lawson Health Research Institute in London, ON. whose research will deliver novel drugs that halt the spread of prostate cancer to determine if they are effective in stopping metastasis in the majority of prostate cancer cell lines.


Mosistas (as female supporters of Movember are called) Clare Harper, Kelsea Rose and Brittany McGourlay flash their moustache sticks with Mitch Hermansen, who sports the real thing on his upper lip! Mitch was in Kitchener at an IABC event to speak about the success of Movember.

Mitch said that the  Movember Foundation is the only charity tackling men’s health on a global scale, year round. “We have one goal: to stop men dying too young.”  The foundation, which began in Australia in 2004, has funded over 1,200 projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. As devastating as cancer is, the rates of suicide among men is startling. Every minute a man dies from suicide somewhere in the world.

The Foundation uses humour to break the ice because traditionally men are taught and encouraged to not talk about private matters or their feelings.  To learn more, check the link to the Foundation’s website.

Team Client Day

This guest post is written by IMC2017 candidate Clare Harper. She describes the day that all students are given a real client and asked to create an IMC plan.  These plans will be presented next week. 

Today was a very exciting day for our IMC class as our teams and clients for our next Integrated Marketing Communications project were revealed. We started off the day with a workshop on personality, used to recognize our most dominant traits. From this, we learned about four different personality types and how to work with each type to optimize success and collaboration in group projects.

After enjoying a potluck lunch, we were split up into our designated teams. I was excited to learn that all three members of my group have different dominant personality traits. I think this will help us to offer different viewpoints and suggestions when coming up with ideas for our client. My group was assigned Waterloo Region Crime Stoppers as our client. Tomorrow we will have our first meeting with them to discuss the objectives they would like our plan to address.

Within 4 weeks time, our group will have completed a full Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Crime Stoppers. We will offer suggestions for new public relations, advertising and social media strategies, working towards solving whatever problem the client is currently facing.

I can’t wait to have some real client experience under my belt! Updates to come…