Client Presentations

The IMC class ended its first semester with client presentations. There were three clients who benefitted this year from the marketing communications plans created by the students.


Sober Steering Team 1 with company CEO Catherine Carroll (centre front). Back row from left: Spencer Fleming, Lanorin Joseph and Gagandeep Singh. Front row, Meaghan Moore (left) and Ann Verosil (right).

Sober Steering is a Kitchener-based technology company that has created a product that will test blood alcohol concentration when a driver places their palm on the sensor.

The sensor sits on the steering wheel. The driver places the palm of their hand on the sensor, and if the alcohol level is above a pre-set limit, the vehicle is immobilized.


Enter a captSober Steering Team 2 with company CEO Catherine Carroll (centre back). Front row from left: Caiti Murray and Kritika Gupta; back row: Joe Oliva (left) and Smit Kapuriya (right)

The technology was created by the father-daughter team of Catherine and John Carroll.

There were two student teams assigned to create plans. Team 1 focused the plan on private and public bus companies. Team 2 focused the plan on construction companies.

The second client was the Waterloo Regional Police Service, specifically the Hate Crime and Extremism Investigative Team.  The students were asked to create a plan that would help the police service deliver a strong message to students in high schools. #HATELESSWR


Back row from left: Madison Vettoretto, Jovana Blagojevic, Jaspreet Singh Kainth, Vedanta Chopra, and Ryan Hamill were the team that created the plan for, front row from left: Alana Russell, Sgt. Julie Sudds, Inspector David Bishop, and Kristen Little.


From left: Cynthia Eberegbe, Ye Qiu, Phill Karasinski, Nickesha Welch, and Amanda Paul.


From left: Jyoti Jyoti, Phill Karasinski, Yahaira Cuevas, and Lindsay Wilkins.

The third IMC client was Load Army, another tech company in Kitchener whose owner, Phill Karasinski has developed an app that will save time and money for contractors in the construction industry.  There were two teams assigned to this client.  The IMC project includes the challenge of creating one piece of print collateral.

The IMC students work with a team of students in the Advertising and Marketing Program to have the print piece designed and printed.



Into the Valley

The IMC class is cutting its teeth in marketing communications planning with a real client! Lee Valley Tools Ltd. of Waterloo, in the form of store manager Mike Johnston, has agreed to help the class in this project.

Mike visited the class recently to answer their questions, providing details about the company, its products, and its markets.

Have you stopped a crime?

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This past year integrated marketing communication graduate students created strategic  plans for Waterloo Regional Crime Stoppers and media relations plans for the Ontario Crime Stoppers Association.  To top off a successful year, the students were invited to present a summary of the plans at the provincial association’s annual training conference in June.

Graduates Marc Heroux and Clare Harper will be featured presenters at the conference to be held at Conestoga College on June 10.

In the lead up to the conference, Marc and Clare had their photos taken by Conestoga Technologist Chris Martin for an advertisement that will appear in the conference program handbook. The display behind the students is one sample of artwork conceived by the students as part of their plans.

The conference will be attended by 38 chapters of Crime Stoppers from across the province.

Community Partnership – Regional Police & IMC

IMC students joined the fight to stop crime this year when they worked on marketing communications plans for Waterloo Region Crime Stoppers and then created media kits for the Ontario Association’s provincial conference being held this June in Kitchener.

Their efforts were recognized recently by the Waterloo Region Crime Stoppers volunteer Board of Directors.

Students will present their ‘tips for promoting tips’ to Crime Stoppers as one of the conference highlights. The conference is attended by 38 chapters of Crime Stoppers from across Ontario.

Winterloo excitement

Winterloo came to the events management class on Tuesday of this week to hear different pitches for an event that the IMC class would implement and manage at the annual festival.

The class is eagerly waiting on the decision – will it be the Amazing Race, the fishing pond or the Great Escape?  All incorporated either winter survival or diversity as their theme and each created an activity that families would enjoy. Whoever wins, it promises to be lots of fun!

Winterloo takes place in downtown Waterloo on Feb. 24 to 26.

Team Client Day

This guest post is written by IMC2017 candidate Clare Harper. She describes the day that all students are given a real client and asked to create an IMC plan.  These plans will be presented next week. 

Today was a very exciting day for our IMC class as our teams and clients for our next Integrated Marketing Communications project were revealed. We started off the day with a workshop on personality, used to recognize our most dominant traits. From this, we learned about four different personality types and how to work with each type to optimize success and collaboration in group projects.

After enjoying a potluck lunch, we were split up into our designated teams. I was excited to learn that all three members of my group have different dominant personality traits. I think this will help us to offer different viewpoints and suggestions when coming up with ideas for our client. My group was assigned Waterloo Region Crime Stoppers as our client. Tomorrow we will have our first meeting with them to discuss the objectives they would like our plan to address.

Within 4 weeks time, our group will have completed a full Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Crime Stoppers. We will offer suggestions for new public relations, advertising and social media strategies, working towards solving whatever problem the client is currently facing.

I can’t wait to have some real client experience under my belt! Updates to come…

Year ends with client presentations

The IMC 2014-2015 class ended the fall semester with five client presentations, a capstone project that tests students on what they have learned in four short months. The IMC program was pleased to host the clients on campus as students presented each with an integrated marketing communications plan.  The clients included WREN (Waterloo Region Environmental Network), Westmount Signs and Printing, Waterloo Regional Police Service, Skyline Living, and blueRover.

Students went on a well-earned break (or working lots of part-time hours to pay tuition) and will return to classes tomorrow Jan. 6, 2015.

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Students hired to implement first-semester plan

For their first-semester final project, Conestoga’s IMC students are placed in teams and assigned a real client. Usually this client is a local business in need of a marketing communications plan for a product launch, event, or overall strategic plan.

This past semester the students produced exceptional work for Coldwell Banker Peter Benninger Realty, Tubeline Manufacturing, Our Place Family Resource Centre, KW Power & Sail Squadron, and Swan Dust Control.

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Swan Dust Control was so impressed with the marketing plan that they have hired their student team to implement it for their business. The students will focus on branding, content generation, social media management, advertising, and media relations to increase awareness of the business in both current and new markets.

Swan, which has no in-house marketing department, was not sure of the quality of work that students would turn out; they hoped for a roadmap from which they could build future marketing efforts. Instead, they received a complete integrated marketing communications plan, ready to implement.

The students are looking forward to working with Swan over the next five months on their marketing efforts.