Client Presentations

The IMC class ended its first semester with client presentations. There were three clients who benefitted this year from the marketing communications plans created by the students.


Sober Steering Team 1 with company CEO Catherine Carroll (centre front). Back row from left: Spencer Fleming, Lanorin Joseph and Gagandeep Singh. Front row, Meaghan Moore (left) and Ann Verosil (right).

Sober Steering is a Kitchener-based technology company that has created a product that will test blood alcohol concentration when a driver places their palm on the sensor.

The sensor sits on the steering wheel. The driver places the palm of their hand on the sensor, and if the alcohol level is above a pre-set limit, the vehicle is immobilized.


Enter a captSober Steering Team 2 with company CEO Catherine Carroll (centre back). Front row from left: Caiti Murray and Kritika Gupta; back row: Joe Oliva (left) and Smit Kapuriya (right)

The technology was created by the father-daughter team of Catherine and John Carroll.

There were two student teams assigned to create plans. Team 1 focused the plan on private and public bus companies. Team 2 focused the plan on construction companies.

The second client was the Waterloo Regional Police Service, specifically the Hate Crime and Extremism Investigative Team.  The students were asked to create a plan that would help the police service deliver a strong message to students in high schools. #HATELESSWR


Back row from left: Madison Vettoretto, Jovana Blagojevic, Jaspreet Singh Kainth, Vedanta Chopra, and Ryan Hamill were the team that created the plan for, front row from left: Alana Russell, Sgt. Julie Sudds, Inspector David Bishop, and Kristen Little.


From left: Cynthia Eberegbe, Ye Qiu, Phill Karasinski, Nickesha Welch, and Amanda Paul.


From left: Jyoti Jyoti, Phill Karasinski, Yahaira Cuevas, and Lindsay Wilkins.

The third IMC client was Load Army, another tech company in Kitchener whose owner, Phill Karasinski has developed an app that will save time and money for contractors in the construction industry.  There were two teams assigned to this client.  The IMC project includes the challenge of creating one piece of print collateral.

The IMC students work with a team of students in the Advertising and Marketing Program to have the print piece designed and printed.



REAP says thanks for IMC presentation

Joy Smith of REAP Operations (and incidentally a Conestoga PR grad herself) sent the following message to IMC program co-ordinator, Kim Denstedt:  “I just wanted to thank you, Sarah, Riani, and Nicole for coming out to speak at the Felt Lab last Friday. I’ve written a Tumblr blog post about it, and I  wanted to share it with you, in case you wanted to share it with your networks to show them what you’ve been doing recently:

So, check out Joy’s posting and pictures and then check out her blog for information about the kind of presentations that are featured at REAP’s  Lunch and Learns every Friday noon hour.  While many are of a technical nature, this particular IMC presentation focused on marketing communications.

It was a pleasure to present with Nicole (2013 IMC grad), Sarah (2014 IMC grad) and Riani (2015 IMC grad candidate).

REAP to host IMC presentation on Jan. 16

REAP in St. Jacobs is hosting IMC Professor Kim Denstedt and a panel of IMC graduates who will discuss Integrated Marketing Communications in the 21st Century on Jan. 16.  Featuring both time-honoured and digital experience, the presentation will encourage attendees to look carefully at what they are selling, who they are selling to, and how to integrate their marketing communications plans. Register here!

Power Posing

The following guest post is written by IMC 2015 Candidate Nina Vasic from her blog

Public speaking is among the most common fears, yet it is also critical to one’s success in the business world. Whether you’re standing in front of a crowd of 500, or giving an important presentation in front of your manager, public speaking doesn’t have to be scary. Here are a few tips on how you can overcome your fear of public speaking.


A huge component of public speaking is confidence. Now, if you’re already thinking about your lack of self confidence, allow me to stop you right there. Think of self confidence as symbolizing your alternate universe, superhero self that only you have access to. And the best part of it is that even if the communication lines between you and your superhero self have been cut, you don’t have to tell anyone. They won’t know the difference. You just have to fake it. Make everyone believe that you are confident. Easier said then done, I know, just bear with me.

Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist, suggests that you can trick your brain and jump start it onto the road to confidence by taking a “power pose.” The underlying science is that our body language actually shapes how we see ourselves, as well as how others see us. Cuddy suggests taking a power pose for 2 minutes before a big presentation, meeting, or interview to give yourself the confidence boost you need to succeed.


To help with your stress levels during a presentation, you could:

  • Practice before the presentation, then, practice some more
  • Open your presentation with a relevant, anecdotal story to ease you into speaking in public
  • Breathe, slow dow
  • Smile!
  • Use trigger words on cue cards
  • Make eye contact and look for engagement from your audience, such as nodding heads and smiles


Wonder Woman has her power pose down!

What other life scenarios would warrant a 2 minute power pose?