Happy Dance

The ink is barely dry on their certificates, but already several of the 2017-2018 IMC graduates are accepting work!

  • Jovana Blagojevic is a Marketing Communications Co-ordinator at Nicoya Lifesciences Inc. in Kitchener, a job she earned after completing her placement with them.
  • Madison Vettoretto is the Creative Marketing Co-ordinator at Royal LePage in Guelph.
  • Lanorin Christopher travelled west and is now a Digital Account Manager with Yellow Pages in Vancouver, B.C.
  • Caitlin Murray is an HR Marketing Assistant at Flanagan Foodservice Inc.in Kitchener, a job she earned after completing her placement with them.
  • Yahaira Cuevas is responsible for marketing at Stonebridge Imports in Kitchener.
  • Meaghan Moore is Facebook Account Manager at Connections Incorporated in Guelph.
  • Spencer Fleming is Social Media Co-ordinator in Brantford with Simplified Automation 
  • Amanda Paul is a Social Media Writer at Copp Marketing + Design in Waterloo.

We do a happy dance when our grads secure the positions they worked so hard to qualify for while here at Conestoga.

The first job is a huge first step in launching one’s career. Best wishes to all who are beginning that adventure.

To those who are still looking – keep the faith and your spirits up.   Your time will come! Remember to stay connected with us via LinkedIn.


Getting to know the target

Getting to know the target market is a key learning for students in the IMC program at Conestoga College. Data base searches, primary research, and secondary research give students a view of the target through a public relations lens (what’s the company relationship with the target), an advertising lens (what media does the target watch,view, read) and a marketing lens (what consumer needs can the company meet).  As a class exercise, the students are given a random product and asked to create a ‘persona’ of a target for the product. To emphasize the point that one must “paint a picture” of the target, the class is encouraged to draw on their inner artist to do just that and then present a detailed description of their creation.

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Into the Valley

The IMC class is cutting its teeth in marketing communications planning with a real client! Lee Valley Tools Ltd. of Waterloo, in the form of store manager Mike Johnston, has agreed to help the class in this project.

Mike visited the class recently to answer their questions, providing details about the company, its products, and its markets.

Grad advises students

The IMC class was treated to a great presentation today by IMC graduate Valerie Tyschenko.


She shared her top tips with the class such as treat the work placement you get in the second semester seriously, ask lots of questions and learn from your mistakes now while in school, take advantage of faculty support, and learn from each other. In fact, she recommended that the class should get out and socialize together to build a strong connection with each other.

Valerie was an international student from Ukraine when she was a student. Now she works as a recruiter for Conestoga College.

It’s a real pleasure for faculty to see grads return – especially when they wow you with their presentation skills as Valerie did!

Ready for the winter semester

Client presentations at the end the first semester in Integrated Marketing Communications at Conestoga were a success and students left mid-December for a well-earned break.

When they return next week, they will jump right back into the swing of things and prepare a pitch for a new client as part of their event and project management class. This time, the client is Winterloo and the winning pitch will be an event at this annual City of Waterloo winter festival. Other client work is being planned in media relations class while new skills in the Adobe creative suite are being developed in Creative Strategies class.

Anyone interested in more details about this post-graduate program can contact the co-ordinator, Kim Denstedt,  at kdenstedt@conestogac.on.ca.

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Team Client Day

This guest post is written by IMC2017 candidate Clare Harper. She describes the day that all students are given a real client and asked to create an IMC plan.  These plans will be presented next week. 

Today was a very exciting day for our IMC class as our teams and clients for our next Integrated Marketing Communications project were revealed. We started off the day with a workshop on personality, used to recognize our most dominant traits. From this, we learned about four different personality types and how to work with each type to optimize success and collaboration in group projects.

After enjoying a potluck lunch, we were split up into our designated teams. I was excited to learn that all three members of my group have different dominant personality traits. I think this will help us to offer different viewpoints and suggestions when coming up with ideas for our client. My group was assigned Waterloo Region Crime Stoppers as our client. Tomorrow we will have our first meeting with them to discuss the objectives they would like our plan to address.

Within 4 weeks time, our group will have completed a full Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for Crime Stoppers. We will offer suggestions for new public relations, advertising and social media strategies, working towards solving whatever problem the client is currently facing.

I can’t wait to have some real client experience under my belt! Updates to come…

Hard work pays off

This guest post is written by IMC2017 candidate Krystle Forget who is chronicling her decision to return to school 10 years after her university graduation.

The decision to return to school and to take the Integrated Marketing Communications program at Conestoga College has been a real game changer. In the few months that I have been here, I have already grown so much—both academically and personally. I have a newfound confidence in my abilities and that makes me excited about what the future holds for me after I finish this program.

To say that the past three weeks have been busy would be an understatement. I don’t remember there ever being a time in University where I had so much on my plate. Between tests, individual reports, group reports, individual presentations, and group presentations, November has been one tough month! Long days, followed by late nights, have made me look forward to weekends more than ever. As demanding as this month has been though, it’s shown me what I am capable of and has pushed me to work hard for the things that I want.

I want to do well in this program. I want to learn as much as I can from my instructors, my peers, and from myself. I want a career in a field that I love and have a real interest in. I want to work in marketing and communications.

First 5 weeks a blur

This guest post is written by 2016-2017  IMC candidate Krystle Forget. It shares the perspective of a student who  has returned to school 10 years after her under-grad.

It’s the start of week six of the IMC program and things are definitely getting busier! The first five weeks are a bit of a blur, as so much has happened.

Source: Creative Commons

Source: Creative Commons

Rewind to week one: I was excited to get started, but was also a little bit nervous about adjusting to being a student after so long. The first day of class was spent getting to know one another and going over some housekeeping items for the upcoming semester.

Easy peasy!

Our instructors took it pretty easy on us for the rest of the week, which was appreciated by all of us!

Fast forward to week three: blog post, PR assignment, and advertising assignment due, plus a PR quiz and readings for multiple classes. Yikes! Welcome to what the rest of the semester is going to be like! Luckily we are all in the same boat and can lean on each other for support when needed. Because the IMC program is a graduate certificate, we have every class together. This type of format helps you start to form friendships pretty quickly, which has been great. It doesn’t seem to matter that I’m ten years older than most of my new friends. I tend to forget about it until certain slang is used and I have no idea what they are talking about! Shhhh they don’t know that I can’t speak their language🙂

We have been lucky enough to have already gone on a few field trips: Cober Evolving Solutions in Kitchener, Home Hardware head office and warehouse in St. Jacobs, Felt Lab/Quarry Marketing Communications in St. Jacobs, and the Foodland in Ayr. Each outing was very interesting and informative. It’s great to be able to hear from different people in the marketing world and to see what types of jobs are available to us when we graduate.

This week is another busy one with a blog post, digital tools assignment, advertising presentation, and PR IMC draft due. I am definitely looking forward to reading week at the end of the month!

Who do we want to reach?

IMC students developed target market profiles in advertising class this week and had a chance to let out their creative sides in the process. (Bring out the craft supplies and it’s amazing how engaged any crowd will become!)

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Building on the previous week when they investigated a specific product and considered how they might use the product features in an ad campaign, this week they considered consumer oriented advertising. Their products ranged from a snack made out of seaweed to gluten-free cookies. They were able to taste test the products and research the companies.


This dovetailed neatly with the brand wars they waged in branding class and the focus of Digital Marketing and Analytics class. In their digital class last week they brainstormed a product and this week developed a brand voice, emotional connectors and a content matrix – 3 important elements of  a social media strategy –  designed to connect with the target market.

The focus on who or the target is a key element in an IMC plan. It is easy to look at the surface demographics (age, gender, geography, etc) and not go deeper. This focus on the target continues in corporate communications class where the students must complete a writing plan for their writing assignments.  The writing plan includes a section on who will read your message.