Corporations on Twitter

The following guest blog is written by IMC 2015 Candidate Reid Vanier from his blog

On his HBO program Last Week Tonight, John Oliver conducted a short segment in which he proposed that corporations and Twitter do not mix. Though this is a bit of an overstatement, the point he was making had to do with the appropriateness of certain businesses weighing in on serious discussions (for example, the makers of Fleshlight acknowledging the anniversary of 9/11).

What is most intriguing about Oliver’s comedic rant is that it does, in fact, touch on something very important: organizations must be aware not only of who their audience is, but also their own relationship to them.

In both art and marketing, failing to grasp the nature of the audience relationship is fatal. It proves one of two things: you as an artist/marketer lack a degree of self-awareness, or you do not understand your audience. In either case, the result is not only that your intended messaging will not resonate, but you will be perceived to be out-of-touch or, in the worst case scenario, irrelevant.

WARNING: The clip, though humourous, is NSFW.

Watch the clip here:

What are your thoughts? Should corporations only weigh in on issues in which they have a stake?