Graduate Student Testimonials

An international student perspective

Valerie Tyschenko graduated from IMC 2013 and has gone on to enjoy great success.  Here is her inspirational story.

Her own boss!

Geraldine Westerink graduated in 2017 and is now putting her excellent skills to work for her own clients. We love to hear from our grads who are learning that the career path can hold happy surprises.

“Still loving being my own boss and grateful for my job! I have 12 consistent clients and have had to start saying no to some work because I just don’t have the timGeraldinee. Forever grateful for the IMC program and landing my dream job, even though I never thought I would want to be self-employed. 🙂 That’s always how it seems to go eh? One of my clients offered me a full time job doing just his marketing, and I declined it because I enjoy the variety and challenge of different clients and being my own boss too much. I just purchased my first home and am super excited about that!”

The Learning Continues


Jhumki Nag came to IMC already a social media influencer (That Neon Girl) but as she plans to attend the 2018-2019 IMC convocation this month, she is already working her social media skills for multiple clients and tells us: “Handling different clients is challenging and growing my experience. I am loving it. Conestoga changed my life.”

Living an adventure

Congratulations to 2017 IMC graduate Ryan Prather who left at the end of last year’s program to head west in the pursuit of a very strong vision of where he wanted to be; it’s delightful to see that dreams do come true! (Not to mention a lot of hard work, determination, and a willingness to do what is needed to get a foot in the door!) Well done, Ryan!

Ryan Prather, 2017 Grad

Hi Kim, Hi Steve.
I wanted to thank both of you for the number of things I learned in the IMC program. It was a rush, it was busy, but it made me well prepared. After 5 months of part-time work, mostly distributing collateral and hanging posters, I’ve now held a new position as Events Marketing Coordinator for three weeks. I’m working at Banff Centre for Creativity and the Arts, one of my top two choices I spoke about last year. Banff Centre is mostly a post secondary fine arts institution; it can be a little avant-garde at times but it’s also the world’s leading home for mountain culture. Here is a snap shot of what it’s about
But for now I’ve been creating web ads, newspaper ads, radio ads, newsletters, online event pages, helping with a recent rebranding and almost too much more. Thanks for the lessons, they are coming in handy!

Helps make dreams come true

We caught up recently with 2015 grad Harley Hudon.

The IMC program was truly incredible. I studied Journalism and Public Relation at WLU and took IMC in my third year as part of my degree. The hands on experience that I gained through the program was highly beneficial and it forced me to learn in a different way. I’m now working as a Marketing Assistant for a company that makes adaptive bicycles and Chill-Out Chairs for individuals with special needs. The job is highly rewarding because I get to witness the ways my day-to-day tasks inspire customers, families, and friends and makes dreams come true. I highly recommend the IMC program because it gives you a competitive advantage when you’re on the job hunt. The training I received motivated me to pursue my goals and find a job that suited my skills. The program also had fantastic people enrolled along with great teachers.

If you ever have questions about the program or would like to reach out please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely, Harley Hudon   204-391-1809


A thank you

IMC graduate (2013) Hugo Agostinho wrote us recently to say:

Hey Kim: Hope you’re well. Just wanted to throw a you quick thank you. The IMC course unlocked a lot of really cool opportunities for me that eventually led me to my dream job in my dream industry. If you ever need a guest speaker from an alumni, let me know!

A thank you is lovely – but even better is hearing that a grad is working in their dream job.  In fact, Hugo is a planned guest speaker this year for the 2016-2017 class. By the way, Hugo’s dream job and industry?  Marketing co-ordinator at Digital Extremes, London,  in the video game industry.


Portfolio helped land the job!

We heard recently from Reveena Lokur who graduated in 2015.  She is now Sales and Marketing Manager at Horizon Engineering Solutions.

“My work currently involves designing marketing collateral, handling social media accounts, brain-storming marketing campaigns, etc. and the occasional sales presentation/meeting. I’m in the process of hiring an intern. Oh, and the portfolios that you had us put together really helped me in my interview at Horizon – they were impressed that I had actual proof, ready at hand, to support my interview answers. Thank you for that”

Raveena Lokur, 2015 IMC Grad


Tips for the next IMC class

This is a clip of 2015 and 2014 graduates who discuss how they came to take the IMC program and to offer advice to the next class.

As we graduate the 2015 class, we continue to hear from past grads, such as Alex Pedersen, 2014.

” I interviewed for the initial communications coordinator position and in the interview the director actually asked me if I would be interested in a communications specialist position they hadn’t even posted yet (essentially one job step above the coordinator position). They loved my portfolio!!! I honestly don’t think I could have done so well in the interview without IMC and my portfolio. So thank you so so much for really emphasizing the use of the portfolio, I think it helped me stand out!”

By the way, she got the “specialist” position!


2014 Graduates

A couple of our 2014 graduates agreed to chat about the IMC program, their experiences and highlights, mixed in with some valuable advice for the 2014-2015 IMC class. Click on this link to hear Eugene Petrov and Sarah Rodrigues. You can also find samples of their writing on our blog as both contributed their perspectives on different aspects of marketing in the past year.


We were pleased to hear in May of 2014 from one of the sports enthusiasts in this year’s class, Amy Simmonds,  and what a dream opportunity she has landed!

Hi Kim & Steve,

I just wanted to reach out to the both of you to let you know that I landed the job for the Toronto Blue Jays. I will be working for the Jays Care Foundation as the Fundraising and Special Events Intern. Thank you again for everything over this past year. What I have learned at Conestoga over the last 8 months has been extremely valuable and really helped me land a job within the Sports Industry – my ultimate dream industry!

– Amy Simmonds, 2014 Graduate

2013 Graduates

We just heard from another 2013 graduate, Erin Weiler who has been working in sales since graduating.She sent us this update in March of 2014…

I got an interview in Toronto for a Marketing Coordinator intern position and got the job!! It is a paid internship (the pay isn’t huge) but I am getting full benefits!!  I wanted to let you know because I am so happy and excited to finally have my first job in marketing.  I also wanted to let you know because I brought my portfolio to my interview.  They were very impressed that I had brought it with me.  They wanted to look more into it so I directed them to my online portfolio.  I also referred to my practicum placements when answering a lot of their questions!
Without the IMC program I would have never gotten this job, so thank you so much!!
Talk soon!
Erin Weiler, 2013 grad


These are the kinds of messages we love to hear from our graduates!  Nicole Renfer, 2012-2013 graduate wrote us in the fall of 2013 to say:

I just wanted to write to let you know that I have obtained a position as a Marketing Director for a new production company. We’re launching a youth empowerment media series, and I was brought on to head all marketing efforts.  So I am writing an IMC plan all over again.  I just wanted to thank you for preparing me with skills that are translating well into the real world. …  I thought you might be interested to know my experience in the IMC program is really paying off.


Watch this video to hear graduate Danielle Cudmore, 2012-2013 graduate, talk about how the IMC program helped prepare her for her career.


2012 Graduates

The Integrated Marketing Communications, post-Graduate program at Conestoga College, was a great decision to jump-start my career. Having completed University, I knew what I wanted to do but was unsure of how to get there. The IMC Program is the most ideal bridge from University to entering the workforce. It gave me the opportunity to apply my knowledge through practical application and further develop my skill set. I became much more confident in my abilities and felt prepared to begin my career.

– Lindsay Charlesworth, 2011 – 2012 Graduate
Social Media Investigative Assistant, Waterloo Regional Police Service


If approached, I would tell the student that while this program is a lot of work, the learning experience was, and is, worth it. Personally, having to work under deadlines and complete tasks that are similar to real world experiences is a valuable lesson in working in the real world.  I learned to be calm under pressure, prioritize my projects, and analyze clients/brands.

– Jordon Scholefield, 2011-2012 Graduate


The Integrated Marketing Communications program taught me how to apply the skills I learned as an English major in a business setting, as well as new communications-oriented skill sets. Through courses such as Corporate Communications, Branding Strategy, Media Relations and Consumer Research, I learned how to create creative yet practical marketing strategies for a variety of clients. I also worked on a substantial team project, which consisted of compiling an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan for a real client, and presenting this plan to the client in a professional, persuasive manner. Additionally, I graduated the course with a professional portfolio outlining my strengths and achievements in the Communications field. I feel that graduating this course gives me an advantage in my job search, and recommend the course for any post-graduate students who wish to learn practical communications skills in order to ready themselves further for the workplace.

– Bethany Cawker, 2011-2012 Graduate

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