IC Program Business Partnerships: Capstone Project

Integrated Communications (IC) is a graduate certificate program which means many of the students have university degrees and attend this course to add the hands-on, practical experience to their theoretical background.

In this intensive program of study, the focus is on experiential learning. While students study the disciplines of marketing, advertising, digital marketing and public relations they apply the skills in a combination of classroom exercises and real client work.  Their studies also include consumer and market research, writing, branding, media relations, event management, project management, business principles, and graphic design.   Both offline and online strategies and tactics are assessed for their inclusion in an integrated plan.

These mature students are focused and committed to achieving success, in their academic careers, and for clients in the work world.  They are ready to launch their careers armed with a course of studies that has encouraged both macro and micro critical thinking skills.

At the end of the program, students are assigned a capstone project involving a real client. If your organization could use a well-researched integrated communications plan, call our co-ordinator at 519-748-5220, ext. 2403, to find out how you can be involved.