Winterloo fun

There was a lack of snow, but the wind was raw and the sun did shine at Winterloo 2017 where the IMC class held The Race through the Northwest Passage. Lots of families enjoyed learning how to keep warm in cold temperatures, how to build a fire, how to ice fish and then racing up the final station.  The class had pitched several ideas to the organizers of the event and the “Great Race” event won.  Photos by Nancy Assante

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Great Race at Winterloo

The graduate students of IMC from Conestoga College will be presenting a Race Through the Northwest Passage, a fun, interactive activity for teams at Winterloo this weekend. Get your friends or your family together and enter to win. The class has worked hard to create this activity as part of its event and project management class.

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Grads return to share

Each year we invite a few IMC grads to return to class, but this time to share their job hunting experiences and to talk about what they are doing today.

Recently, we heard from Nicole Renfer (2013) and Nina Vasic (2016) who told the class their personal experiences, including the number of applications they sent out and what they learned from the interview process. One valuable tip they left is that the first job you accept may not be the dream job, but you learn and grow from every experience.


The next week four graduates came to share. Alexandria Evans (2016), Hugo Agostinho (2013), Danielle Cudmore (2013) and Stephanie Fereiro (2016) engaged the class in a lively discussion about job hunting, the value of portfolios, and the types of work they are doing today.   This includes project management, marketing in the gaming industry, communications officer for a municipality and a content specialist in the insurance industry.  This coming week will feature Erin Weiler (2013), Alex Pedersen (2014) and Hillary Verardi (2014).

Movember moves

What’s a moustache worth?  It’s in the millions of dollars apparently, according to Mitch Hermansen who spoke at an IABC Waterloo Chapter special event this morning.  Mitch works with the Movember Foundation that raised more than $15 million just last year in its annual campaign.

Just the sight of someone wearing a moustache can now spark a conversation about Movember and the need to pay attention to men’s health issues.  Men become walking billboards raising awareness of the issues, as well as dollars.

Some of those dollars have supported the research of doctors, including Hon Leong of the Lawson Health Research Institute in London, ON. whose research will deliver novel drugs that halt the spread of prostate cancer to determine if they are effective in stopping metastasis in the majority of prostate cancer cell lines.


Mosistas (as female supporters of Movember are called) Clare Harper, Kelsea Rose and Brittany McGourlay flash their moustache sticks with Mitch Hermansen, who sports the real thing on his upper lip! Mitch was in Kitchener at an IABC event to speak about the success of Movember.

Mitch said that the  Movember Foundation is the only charity tackling men’s health on a global scale, year round. “We have one goal: to stop men dying too young.”  The foundation, which began in Australia in 2004, has funded over 1,200 projects focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention. As devastating as cancer is, the rates of suicide among men is startling. Every minute a man dies from suicide somewhere in the world.

The Foundation uses humour to break the ice because traditionally men are taught and encouraged to not talk about private matters or their feelings.  To learn more, check the link to the Foundation’s website.

Winterloo excitement

Winterloo came to the events management class on Tuesday of this week to hear different pitches for an event that the IMC class would implement and manage at the annual festival.

The class is eagerly waiting on the decision – will it be the Amazing Race, the fishing pond or the Great Escape?  All incorporated either winter survival or diversity as their theme and each created an activity that families would enjoy. Whoever wins, it promises to be lots of fun!

Winterloo takes place in downtown Waterloo on Feb. 24 to 26.

Great article on integrated marketing for charities

This article from Charity Village is written by Judy Molland. It reinforces what it means to have an integrated marketing campaign and the incredible value to the organization that makes it work.

Right now, IMC students at Conestoga College are looking for businesses and not-for-profit organizations that would benefit from an integrated plan.  The students have a two-week placement at the end of March where they are available to help with marketing tasks as well as create a plan for you. Contact co-ordinator Kim Denstedt for more details.

Ready for the winter semester

Client presentations at the end the first semester in Integrated Marketing Communications at Conestoga were a success and students left mid-December for a well-earned break.

When they return next week, they will jump right back into the swing of things and prepare a pitch for a new client as part of their event and project management class. This time, the client is Winterloo and the winning pitch will be an event at this annual City of Waterloo winter festival. Other client work is being planned in media relations class while new skills in the Adobe creative suite are being developed in Creative Strategies class.

Anyone interested in more details about this post-graduate program can contact the co-ordinator, Kim Denstedt,  at

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