IMC On Track

The IMC class boarded the Waterloo Central Railway on September 19 to experience a leisurely ride to St. Jacobs where they visited the Felt Lab  and walked through the tourist village.  Before returning to Waterloo, the class also stopped at the St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market. 100_2585

Prompted by questions provided by faculty in a hand-out and inspired by a tour to see the latest in digital media, including augmented reality, at the Felt Lab, the students were encouraged to look at their world through a marketer’s lens.  They reflected on the marketing communications behind a community like St. Jacobs, a farmer’s market recovering from a devastating fire, and a not-for-profit like the Waterloo Central Railway. Such trips are a chance for students to connect the dots between what is taught in the classroom and the world they live in outside the classroom door.

The day was also a chance for students to build relationships with their peers. Numerous group projects and assignments throughout the year challenge the students. Building strong ties through a shared experience, such as this trip, can enhance teamwork.

Integrated Marketing Communications is a one-year, post-graduate course at Conestoga College.



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