Going Mobile

The IMC class  participates in an internal discussion forum where they can write about what they are learning in the program. They are encouraged to connect the dots between the courses they study or to reflect on what they are learning. The following guest post comes from that discussion forum.

This submission was written by Eugene Petrov, IMC 2014 candidate.

I just want to share this awesome report on using mobile devices in Canada (Q1 2013) made by Google

Look through it and think of yourself. Is it about you?

The key message behind these numbers is that mobile has changed people’s behavior and it continues to grow because smartphones are becoming more ubiquitous and this automatically drives mobile internet usage. For us, as marketers, this means that we also have to change the way we look at things. Mobile technology made internet more accessible for people and more powerful for marketers; in other words, mobile brings all the strength of the web and puts it in a pocket.

Who would have imagined that for many people, their mobile device is used more often than a TV, radio or newspaper, and for some, even replaces them. Now, it is more likely that you will search information about a product advertised on TV on the web than you will go directly to the nearest shop. And more likely that you will do it with your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) rather than using a PC or laptop, because you don’t need to get up off the couch!

People use mobile devices at home, in stores, at work, on the go…. everywhere. They search, read news, watch movies and shows, communicate…everything. They check their phone in the morning, on the way to work. during lunch, before sleeping… everytime. This means that advertising could be shown not only to a certain person in a certain time, but also in a certain place. Does any other medium have this feature?

The report also underlines how mobile is an important tool in the entire consumer experience from searching information to buying goods. For marketers I see an opportunity to directly interact with customers who are in “ready-to-buy” mode.

What the report does not deal with is the interactive power of the mobile experience. How much time do people spend playing Angry Birds? A brand could also grab this attention by providing a new experience. Check out Heineken’s application that creates an absolutely new experience of watching a football… sorry… soccer game!. Does it build loyalty amongst soccer fans?

What do you think is the future of mobile in marketing? Has it enough potential to dominate in the marketing mix?

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